Three commercial insurance features to take advantage of

As a business owner, investing in commercial insurance is essential. You need to have insurance coverage for your business to protect your commercial ventures financially. We are a provider of commercial insurance in Brooklyn, NY at VAC Insurance Agency.

The following are three commercial insurance features you should definitely take advantage of. 

Commercial umbrella coverage

You might already be familiar with how personal umbrella insurance policies work. A commercial umbrella coverage feature is similar. With commercial umbrella coverage, you’ll enjoy added coverage above and beyond the maximum coverage limits of your commercial insurance policy. 

If you’re in an industry that puts you at risk for high expense lawsuits, it’s definitely a good idea to add commercial umbrella coverage to your business insurance policy. 

Automatic payments

Automatic payments mean that commercial insurance premiums will automatically be debited from your company’s account.

Automatic payments are a convenient way to make sure that your commercial insurance premium is covered every month. If your company misses a payment, your policy could be canceled, and you might not get the coverage you need in the event of an accident. That’s why automatic payments are such a great feature of a commercial insurance policy. 

Business interruption coverage

Your business revenues could be cut off completely if an event comes up that puts a halt to normal business operations.

If you purchase business interruption coverage, you could file a claim if some incident or scenario comes up that prevents your company from continuing business as usual. It could be worthwhile for your company to invest in business interruption coverage for financial assistance in this type of scenario. 

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