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Auto Insurance in New York

New York Auto Insurance Policies and Requirements

Auto Insurance is essential and mandatory in all states to operate a motor vehicle. This not only protects you in case of an accident, but it also protects other drivers as well. Different states have their own unique level of minimums to have coverage-wise, dependent upon what type of insurance you get. We will focus on the state of New York for discussion of these minimum coverages.

There are two main tenements of auto insurance coverage in the state of New York. These two are Bodily Injury Coverage and Property Damage. Bodily Injury Coverage covers the other parties injuries that are due to an accident that you caused and are legally responsible for. The Property Damage coverage includes the other parties property that is damaged in an accident that you have created and are legally responsible for. This would consist of any property (fence posts or mailboxes, etc.) that is damaged in an accident of your liability.

The Insurance needs to be kept in effect while you have a valid registration on the vehicle, even if the car isn’t being used for a long time. If the vehicle's insurance policy is not maintained and lapses, the New York DMV can put your vehicle registration on suspension and your driver’s license on suspension as well. The suspension would be in effect until you provide proof of a new insurance policy and pay any possible fines that have been levied against you by the DMV. The other negative that can be tied to a lapse in auto insurance coverage is that your rates will rise because of this insurance lapse. So, it’s always a good thing to keep your registered vehicle insured, even if you don’t plan to drive it.

To get these coverages, you need a good company like V.A.C. Insurance Agency in Brooklyn, NY. Contact an Agent who can help you with any questions that you may have. Serving Brooklyn, NY, V.A.C. Insurance Agency is ready to help you get a quote and get started on a policy. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on auto insurance from home.


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