Why Every Homeowner Needs Home Insurance

When you own a home, it is highly important that you protect it with a home insurance policy. It’s a good idea to have home insurance whether it’s required for you or not, though most people are required to have it by their lender or by their homeowner’s association. This insurance gives you valuable coverage that can protect your finances against a number of serious risks. To get your home insurance, give us a call now at VAC Insurance Agency in Brooklyn, NY.

Why Every Homeowner Needs Home Insurance

Home Protection

One of the most important ways that home insurance protects you is by giving your home protection against a wide range of damaging events. These often include things like accidents and certain disasters that can cause untold damage to your home. When a damaging incident does happen to your home, your home insurance can pay to get the repairs that are needed. The policy may even pay for you to live somewhere else while the repairs are being done if that is needed due to the home being unlivable. 

Item Protection

In addition to offering protection for your home, these policies also offer protection for your belongings. This protection may not seem that important, but just consider how much all of your items added together would be worth. It may be nearly as much as your home is worth. This protection is vital to have in case a damaging event causes serious damage to what you own. The policy can then pay for you to replace those items so that you can keep your standard of living. 

Protect Yourself With Home Insurance

It’s always smart to have this insurance if you’re a homeowner. To get a policy of your own, call us at VAC Insurance Agency in Brooklyn, NY to get started. 

5 Common Risks not Covered by Typical Home Insurance

If you have home insurance in Brooklyn, NY, you expect it to cover your building structure and the assets inside. Also, your insurance agent must have told you that home insurance covers you against liability claims and pays for additional living expenses when your home is deemed unlivable. While home insurance covers you against several things, it isn’t entirely faultless. Your home insurance has exclusions and limitations. If you buy standard home insurance from VAC Insurance Agency, it’s unlikely to cover the areas below: 

5 Common Risks not Covered by Typical Home Insurance


Floods are the most common natural disaster in America. Unfortunately, basic home insurance doesn’t protect your home against flood damage. However, you can purchase flood insurance to protect your home against floods.


Your typical home insurance is unlikely to cover earthquakes, landslides, and other earth movements. However, you can bolster your home insurance by purchasing earthquake insurance as an endorsement.

Pest and mold infestation

Your insurer will likely ignore any claim you make for damage caused by neglect or failure to maintain your home properly. If mold and pests damage your home, your insurer won’t consider any claim for such damage as you are supposed to take the necessary steps to mitigate these risks.

Risks surrounding your boat

Your home insurance is likely to cover your water vessel up to $1,000 if it’s stolen within your home and not a location far from your home. Furthermore, home insurance won’t cover liability claims when using your boat. If you want optimal protection for your boat, purchase boat insurance.

Sewer back-up

Clogged and broken sewer lines may cause internal flooding in your house. While sewer back-ups are common, your typical home insurance doesn’t cover the resulting damage.

Want to learn more about your home insurance policy in Brooklyn, NY? Please book an appointment with VAC Insurance Agency for more information.

Why You Need Home Insurance

Owning a home is a big responsibility, and part of that responsibility is to have a home insurance policy. If you have a mortgage, your lender likely requires you to have this coverage. However, even if it isn’t required for you, it’s important to have a home policy to help keep you financially protected. A home policy offers many different types of coverage for different incidents and situations. If you don’t have a home insurance policy, give us a call at VAC Insurance Agency in Brooklyn, NY.

House Protection

The protection of your house is one of the most important aspects of home insurance. This coverage offers protection for your home in case any of a number of covered incidents happen to your house. The incidents may be certain disasters, accidents or other things that can happen to damage a home. In case that should happen, it’s important to have this coverage in place to save you financially. The policy pays for repairs that have to be made to your home after a serious incident occurs, and it can pay to have the whole house rebuilt if needed. 

Item Protection

The items inside your house also need protection, and your home policy will do that. If something were to happen to ruin your belongings, your home insurance would pay for the items to be repaired or replaced. When you consider how much it would cost to replace what you have, it’s easy to see how valuable this coverage is. 

Get Protected by Home Insurance

If you own a home, make sure that it is always covered for as long as you own it. If you have questions about home policies or want to get started, give us a call at VAC Insurance Agency in Brooklyn, NY to find out more about it. 

Is Flood Insurance Included in Home Insurance?

VAC Insurance Agency offers many different types of insurance for residents of Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas. Today we’ll be sharing some insight on the importance of flood insurance for homes, apartments, commercial buildings, and other dwelling areas. 

Flood insurance is not included in standard homeowners and renters policies in the state of New York and therefore needs to be purchased separately.  Floods do pose a threat to New Yorkers and should be treated as such. 

Many insurance agencies offer flood insurance without emphasizing its importance for homeowners, renters, and building owners – we are here to make sure you fully understand what flood insurance can provide you in the event that your home is affected by flooding. 

Flood insurance provides coverage if there’s any structural damage to your home, including water heaters, floor surfaces, and after flood cleanup. 

It’s simply not worth the risk to skip out on flood insurance when you live in an area that is at moderate or high risk for flooding. Getting caught without flood insurance, whether you own a home or you’re a renter, is a surefire way to risk paying out of pocket for the damage and repairs that water damage can cause. 

If you live in the Brooklyn, NY area and need a flood insurance policy that will protect your home and personal belongings, finding a qualified agent is your first step. The team at VAC Insurance Agency is here to help, and we’re backed by years of experience in purchasing insurance plans for families. 

We know each of our clients has individual needs, and we take pride in treating each one as our most important client. Don’t wade through the muddy waters of flood insurance alone. Contact us today! 

How Home Insurance Protects Your Guests

If you have home insurance, you may not realize exactly how much protection it can offer to those who are visiting your home. Actually, home insurance can do a lot to help your guests and ensure they have protection just like you do.

So, exactly how can your home insurance protect the people in your home? VAC Insurance Agency providing service to Brooklyn, NY can help you.

Home Insurance Covers Stolen Items

If your guest has items stolen from your home, you may be surprised to learn that your home insurance can help cover some of these items. Your policy may cover some items stolen from your property, even if they were not inside your home. Each policy is different, and it’s important that you read the documents of your policy.

Home Insurance Covers Vandalism

In some cases, vandalism also extends to property owned by guests at your home. If somebody spray paints items on your porch, for instance, you may want to know if your policy covers those items. Your documents will help you determine if your guest’s items are covered.

Home Insurance Covers Injuries

If somebody is injured at your home, their medical bills may be covered by your home insurance policy. For instance, somebody might trip over a step and break their wrist when they fall. Your insurance may protect you from a lawsuit to cover medical bills while potentially covering medical expenses.

Protect Your Guests With Home Insurance

If you live in Brooklyn, NY, VAC Insurance Agency can help you find the right policy to meet your needs and the needs of your visitors. When you have the right insurance policy, everybody is protected.

New York Home Insurance – How to Storm Proof Your Home for All Seasons

When you live in New York, storms are a part of the life of living on or near the seaboard water. It can make you feel like your home insurance is a nightmare. 

At VAC Insurance Agency, we can help Brooklyn, NY residents storm proof their homes. Use these tips to storm proof your home, and you won’t stress nearly as often about your home insurance when those storm surges are on the horizon.

Fix Your Roof

Roof problems are an insurance nightmare, on a normal day of the week. During storm season, they cause even more stress. Before storms hit, make sure that your roof can handle that stress so that your insurance company doesn’t have to.

Storm damage to a roof can cause any problem from roof repair to massive flooding. It might also cause rot or mold, or major property damage. Fix your roof before the storm.

Clean Up the Landscape

When you are storm proofing is the time to clean up your landscape. Cut back any tree branches or foliage that might come down and cause property damage or a slip and fall liability.
Any landscaping that is near the home will need to be trimmed back or removed.

Clean Your Gutters

Heavy gutters from previous storms or seasons can be a mess when a storm arrives. It will be a mess at home, and with your insurance company.

If there is damage here and a storm hits, water flow might cause incredible flooding. 

Protect Yourself Today

When you are getting ready for a storm in Brooklyn, NY, you will feel overwhelmed. These are the most basic tasks to start with to storm proof your home. There’s only so much you can do when Mother Nature hits. Let us help. Call VAC Insurance Agency for a quote today to make sure your home is covered. 

I Just Bought My House. Do I need Home Insurance?

If you own a house in Brooklyn, NY, you can’t afford to live in it devoid of proper home insurance. It’s prudent to safeguard your home and belongings to help you get on your feet following an unexpected eventuality. When shopping for a superb home insurance policy in Brooklyn, NY, you should look for a home insurance policy from VAC Insurance Agency to safeguard you and your dwelling.

Home insurance isn’t legally required in New York, but many home lenders require it as a prerequisite as long as the loan facility is outstanding. But whether home insurance is needed or not, it’s a worthwhile investment that every homeowner should consider. 

Why you need home insurance

Your home is likely one of the most precious assets you possess. As such, you need to secure it with home insurance. Here are reasons you need to invest in home insurance:

  • Protection of your assets: If your personal property in your dwellings, such as furniture, clothing, and electronics, are vandalized or stolen, personal property coverage helps to pay for their replacement after loss or damage from a covered peril.
  • Liability protection: If you or your family member are legally responsible for destroying other people’s property or inflicting injuries to someone, liability coverage comes in and helps cater for repair costs, medical costs, and possible legal fees.
  • Protection of your investment: Home insurance policy guarantee that your house is protected from unforeseen uncertainties such as explosions, storms, theft, fire, lightning, and other risks. The dwelling coverage protects the structures of your home, including floors, walls, and in-built appliances.
  • Safeguards your guests visiting your premises: The medical payments coverage pays for medical costs for the injured guests while on your property, irrespective of who is at fault.
  • Protects other structures: Unattached structures to your home such as gazebo, shed, and unattached garage are covered by adding other structures insurance in your home policy plan.

Your home insurance should be unique to your home and your needs. To learn more about home insurance policies, call or visit our offices at VAC Insurance Agency located in Brooklyn, NY today!

How can home insurance protect my Brooklyn property?

The Brooklyn, NY area is a great place with a lot of history. When you live here, you are going to have access to many professional opportunities and fun activities all over the main New York City area. If you decide to buy a home when you are in this area of New York, you will want to know that it has the right insurance. Your home insurance plan can protect your Brooklyn property in several ways. 

Coverage for Dwelling

A way that your home insurance plan can protect your property is by protecting your dwelling. If there is ever a fire, a bad storm, or even vandalism, it could result in significant damages to your home. Fortunately, you can mitigate these damages if you get a full home insurance plan. This insurance will provide the coverage necessary to repair your property to ensure you can use it for years to come.

Personal Belongings Coverage

You can also get protected through a home insurance plan by getting protection for your personal assets. Most people will accumulate a lot of personal items as the years go by. These items could include furniture, electronics, or even clothing. If there is ever a fire or theft, you could lose these items. If you get home insurance, you will also receive a provision that can be used to mitigate this risk by providing coverage for your personal assets.

A Brooklyn, NY property owner needs to take their insurance needs seriously. One form of insurance that many people in this area need to get is home insurance. If you are looking for a plan, you should call the VAC Insurance Agency. The VAC Insurance Agency team understands the importance of this coverage and offers guidance to help you build a quality plan. 

What is included with a Brooklyn home insurance policy?

The Brooklyn, NY area is a fun and exciting place for anyone to live. Those who live here will have many great housing options to choose from, which tend to increase in value with time. If you are looking for a home here, you should ensure that you get it properly covered with insurance. A full home insurance policy can include several important forms of insurance coverage.

Property Coverage

One form of protection that you will receive with a home insurance policy is property coverage. Your home is a very major asset that you will want to keep protected. If you are ever a victim of a bad storm, fire, or vandalism, the costs to repair or replace the property can be significant. Fortunately, with home insurance, you will have the insurance protection you need to repair or replace your property. This can even include your personal belongings stored within your home.

Liability Coverage

Any property owner in the Brooklyn area will take on some liability risk at certain times. If you are ever found liable for an injury or property damage, the cost to remediate can quickly add up. Having home insurance can be very helpful as it will ensure that you are covered against this risk. 

Having home insurance in the Brooklyn, NY area continues to be very important. When you have this coverage, it can provide you with a lot of protection, including property and liability. As you are looking for a new policy, you should speak with the VAC Insurance Agency team. When you call the VAC Insurance Agency, you will get the support you need better to understand your needs and options for home insurance. 

Insurance benefits of renovating your home

Home renovations are not only exciting to do, but also come with many advantages. Apart from improving your home’s appearance, they provide a more comfortable, secure, and efficient living environment for you and your family. To top that up, they can also lower your home insurance premiums. So, if you are planning to renovate your Brooklyn, NY home, inform your insurance prior. Let’s look at the general benefits of home renovations.

Improves the overall look of a home

The primary purpose of a renovation is to improve the look and longevity of a home. Many people in Brooklyn, NY tend to renovate the kitchen and bathroom while others prefer to go further and add a few rooms. Whatever you choose to add, the whole intention and purpose are to make your home better.

Increases the value of your home

When a home is in good condition, its value goes up. Similarly, your insurance rates are likely to go down as the chances of filing a claim are considered minimal. However, some additions improve the home but raise the rates. Additions such as a swimming pool or an office improve your home’s value but increase the insurance rates.

Some improvements make your home safer.

Getting rid of the old slippery tiles or covering those cracks on the patio not only makes your home safe for your children but also keeps insurance claims away. While some accidents are inevitable, adding safety features in your home significantly minimizes accidents hence a lower number of injuries and claims. If you have children or pets in your home, the VAC insurance Agency recommends speaking to a home insurance expert to help you identify some of the safety features you can add in your home to reduce accidents.

At VAC Insurance Agency, we understand that completing a home renovation is not always easy. That is why we are here to answer any questions that you may have. Try us today!