5 Important Facts You Should Know about Flood Insurance

If you own a home or business in Brooklyn, NY, you should know the facts about flood insurance. Flood disasters have only increased over the years in different parts of the country. Flood coverage from VAC Insurance Agency can make a difference between compensation for flood damage or total loss. Here are some important facts every homeowner should know about flood insurance.

FACT: Home insurance won’t protect you from flood damage.

Home insurance covers all types of disasters to include fire, theft, tropical storms, windstorms, lightning strikes, and tornadoes. It doesn’t, however, cover flooding from severe rainstorms, rising river waters, or tidal surges. If you want flood protection, you need to buy a separate flood policy.

FACT: Approximately a quarter of flood claims in the U.S. come from people who live in low risk or moderate-risk areas.

This puts just about anyone at risk of flood damage. Smart homeowners in Brooklyn, NY will be prepared with flood insurance.

FACT: Flood policies for your home and your belongings are purchased separately.

You can purchase home coverage for replacement cost with a limit of $250,000. Coverage for your belongings, however, is only available for actual cash value with maximum limits of $100,000.

FACT: Flood policies don’t start right away; you usually have to wait 30 days before coverage goes into effect.

That’s why it’s vital to purchase your policy in advance to ensure you have the protection you need when the time comes. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the danger of flooding.

FACT: Anyone can purchase flood insurance, not just homeowners.

If you own or rent a condo, townhouse, ground floor apartment, or mobile home, you can purchase flood coverage to protect your property and belongings.

To purchase flood insurance for your Brooklyn, NY abode, call or visit VAC Insurance Agency.