Three common misconceptions about flood insurance in New York

Having your home protected against flood damage is essential. Severe flood damage can destroy a home. We provide flood insurance policies to Brooklyn, NY homeowners at VAC Insurance Agency.

The following are three common misconceptions about flood insurance in New York. 

New York homeowners don’t need flood insurance.

Many homes in New York are in areas that are high-risk for flood damage. It would be best if you didn’t assume that your home doesn’t need flood coverage because you are located in New York.

It’s important to look into whether your New York home is located in a flood zone. You might be surprised to find that the flood risk for your area is higher than you expected. 

A standard New York home insurance policy will cover flood damage.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners often make regarding flood coverage is assuming that their home insurance policy covers them for floods. In fact, most standard home insurance policies in New York and other states will not provide flood damage coverage.

To enjoy flood coverage in your home, you have to invest in a flood insurance policy. Don’t expect your home insurance policy to cover flood damage. 

I can’t get flood damage for my property if it has frequently experienced flood damage before. 

The National Flood Insurance Program helps ensure that flood insurance can be secured for all homes. This means that you can get flood coverage for your home, even if it is located in an area that has experienced repeated flooding in the recent past. 

Find the right flood insurance solution for your home in Brooklyn, NY. Contact us at VAC Insurance Agency with your questions about flood insurance policies.