Why Buy Flood Insurance?

If you’re wondering if flood insurance is worth the cost, consider the alternative of paying for damage from flood disasters on your own. The cost of repairing or rebuilding your home alone could lead to financial ruin. Flood coverage from VAC Insurance Agency provides you with financial support to recover from flood disasters. Here’s why flood insurance is important to Brooklyn, NY homeowners.

New York is Prone to Flooding

New York is prone to severe rainstorms, hurricanes, and blizzards that can cause flooding. This puts New York home and business owners at risk of flood damage. With flood coverage, you’ll have financial help to recover from a flood disaster.

Floods are Extremely Destructive

Floods can cause catastrophic damage. Even a few inches of standing water can destroy the foundation of a home, not to mention cause extensive water damage to flooring, walls, furniture, and other belongings. Unless you have the funds to repair your home or replace your goods out of pocket, you will do well to protect yourself with flood insurance.

Not Everyone Qualifies for Federal Aid for Flooding

You can only apply for federal aid for flooding if your area is declared a national disaster. This aid comes in the form of loans that need to be repaid. In contrast, the financial support you receive from flood insurance doesn’t need to be reimbursed, saving you tens of thousands of dollars or more out of pocket.

Flood Coverage is Affordable

If you live in a non-flood zone area, you can obtain flood coverage at an affordable cost. You can purchase flood coverage to protect your home, your belongings, or both to give you the protection you need to recover from any unforeseen flood disaster.

To learn more about flood coverage or purchase flood insurance for your Brooklyn, NY home, call or visit VAC Insurance Agency.