Tips for making your home safer

For most people, homes are their safe place. To make sure that your home actually is a place that is safe both inside and out, there are some things you should do. At VAC Insurance Agency in Brooklyn, NY, we contribute to making your home safer by helping you choose the home insurance that will provide just the right amount of protection. 


Home security is something that people think about a lot these days. If you don’t already have a home security system, there has never been a better time. You have many affordable options that can allow you to feel safer while you are at home and away. Many of them can be installed by a homeowner in just a few minutes. Beyond that, your doors and windows have locks. Use them. 


Lighting is important inside and outside of your home. Outside, having motion detection lights will make sure that you can see as you walk around, and you can also see any movement outside. Inside, it is equally important to ensure the stairs and hallways are well-lit and keep free of clutter to save you from a trip and fall injury. 


Fire is a significant safety hazard to your home. Ensure chimneys are kept clean and your furnace is cleaned every year. Change the batteries in your smoke detector every six months, and have a fire extinguisher that is easy to access. Do a safety drill with the family so everyone knows how to get out in a fire. 

In Brooklyn, NY, you can count on VAC Insurance Agency to provide the customer service needed to feel safe in your home. Give us a call to discuss your home insurance needs.