I’m Paying for My House In Cash. Do I Have to Get Home Insurance?

Some people who buy homes are required to get home insurance, and some are not. Knowing whether you’re required to get home insurance when you buy is important for ensuring a smooth home purchase process.

Whether you need home insurance or just shopping because you know it’s best for you, VAC Insurance Agency servicing Brooklyn, NY can help. We help our customers find the right home insurance policies for their needs. 

Who Is Required to Get Home Insurance?

Generally speaking, people who are getting a loan to buy their homes are required to get home insurance. Mortgage lenders require proof of insurance before the loan will be funded. 

In addition, if you live in a home serviced by an HOA (homeowners association), you will most likely be required to get home insurance. If you’re paying for your home in cash and don’t live in an area that an HOA services, you will probably not be required to get home insurance.   

Why Get Home Insurance If It Isn’t Required?

Home insurance is there for you when you need it. After a covered event like a fire or vandalism, your home insurance can help you during the recovery process. Many homeowners don’t have the money to replace their homes if they are destroyed.

This is when home insurance becomes most valuable. For example, if your home is destroyed during a fire, your home insurance can be a valuable resource that can help you during the rebuilding process. 

At VAC Insurance Agency servicing Brooklyn, NY, we help homeowners find policies that make a difference when covered events occur. Call today to learn more about our insurance policies.