How can home insurance protect my Brooklyn property?

The Brooklyn, NY area is a great place with a lot of history. When you live here, you are going to have access to many professional opportunities and fun activities all over the main New York City area. If you decide to buy a home when you are in this area of New York, you will want to know that it has the right insurance. Your home insurance plan can protect your Brooklyn property in several ways. 

Coverage for Dwelling

A way that your home insurance plan can protect your property is by protecting your dwelling. If there is ever a fire, a bad storm, or even vandalism, it could result in significant damages to your home. Fortunately, you can mitigate these damages if you get a full home insurance plan. This insurance will provide the coverage necessary to repair your property to ensure you can use it for years to come.

Personal Belongings Coverage

You can also get protected through a home insurance plan by getting protection for your personal assets. Most people will accumulate a lot of personal items as the years go by. These items could include furniture, electronics, or even clothing. If there is ever a fire or theft, you could lose these items. If you get home insurance, you will also receive a provision that can be used to mitigate this risk by providing coverage for your personal assets.

A Brooklyn, NY property owner needs to take their insurance needs seriously. One form of insurance that many people in this area need to get is home insurance. If you are looking for a plan, you should call the VAC Insurance Agency. The VAC Insurance Agency team understands the importance of this coverage and offers guidance to help you build a quality plan. 

Why Buy Flood Insurance?

If you’re wondering if flood insurance is worth the cost, consider the alternative of paying for damage from flood disasters on your own. The cost of repairing or rebuilding your home alone could lead to financial ruin. Flood coverage from VAC Insurance Agency provides you with financial support to recover from flood disasters. Here’s why flood insurance is important to Brooklyn, NY homeowners.

New York is Prone to Flooding

New York is prone to severe rainstorms, hurricanes, and blizzards that can cause flooding. This puts New York home and business owners at risk of flood damage. With flood coverage, you’ll have financial help to recover from a flood disaster.

Floods are Extremely Destructive

Floods can cause catastrophic damage. Even a few inches of standing water can destroy the foundation of a home, not to mention cause extensive water damage to flooring, walls, furniture, and other belongings. Unless you have the funds to repair your home or replace your goods out of pocket, you will do well to protect yourself with flood insurance.

Not Everyone Qualifies for Federal Aid for Flooding

You can only apply for federal aid for flooding if your area is declared a national disaster. This aid comes in the form of loans that need to be repaid. In contrast, the financial support you receive from flood insurance doesn’t need to be reimbursed, saving you tens of thousands of dollars or more out of pocket.

Flood Coverage is Affordable

If you live in a non-flood zone area, you can obtain flood coverage at an affordable cost. You can purchase flood coverage to protect your home, your belongings, or both to give you the protection you need to recover from any unforeseen flood disaster.

To learn more about flood coverage or purchase flood insurance for your Brooklyn, NY home, call or visit VAC Insurance Agency.

Three commercial insurance features to take advantage of

As a business owner, investing in commercial insurance is essential. You need to have insurance coverage for your business to protect your commercial ventures financially. We are a provider of commercial insurance in Brooklyn, NY at VAC Insurance Agency.

The following are three commercial insurance features you should definitely take advantage of. 

Commercial umbrella coverage

You might already be familiar with how personal umbrella insurance policies work. A commercial umbrella coverage feature is similar. With commercial umbrella coverage, you’ll enjoy added coverage above and beyond the maximum coverage limits of your commercial insurance policy. 

If you’re in an industry that puts you at risk for high expense lawsuits, it’s definitely a good idea to add commercial umbrella coverage to your business insurance policy. 

Automatic payments

Automatic payments mean that commercial insurance premiums will automatically be debited from your company’s account.

Automatic payments are a convenient way to make sure that your commercial insurance premium is covered every month. If your company misses a payment, your policy could be canceled, and you might not get the coverage you need in the event of an accident. That’s why automatic payments are such a great feature of a commercial insurance policy. 

Business interruption coverage

Your business revenues could be cut off completely if an event comes up that puts a halt to normal business operations.

If you purchase business interruption coverage, you could file a claim if some incident or scenario comes up that prevents your company from continuing business as usual. It could be worthwhile for your company to invest in business interruption coverage for financial assistance in this type of scenario. 

Ready to find the optimal commercial insurance policy for your company in Brooklyn, NY? We can help you find that policy at VAC Insurance Agency. Visit our website and contact us to learn more about the commercial insurance solutions we provide. 

What is included with a Brooklyn home insurance policy?

The Brooklyn, NY area is a fun and exciting place for anyone to live. Those who live here will have many great housing options to choose from, which tend to increase in value with time. If you are looking for a home here, you should ensure that you get it properly covered with insurance. A full home insurance policy can include several important forms of insurance coverage.

Property Coverage

One form of protection that you will receive with a home insurance policy is property coverage. Your home is a very major asset that you will want to keep protected. If you are ever a victim of a bad storm, fire, or vandalism, the costs to repair or replace the property can be significant. Fortunately, with home insurance, you will have the insurance protection you need to repair or replace your property. This can even include your personal belongings stored within your home.

Liability Coverage

Any property owner in the Brooklyn area will take on some liability risk at certain times. If you are ever found liable for an injury or property damage, the cost to remediate can quickly add up. Having home insurance can be very helpful as it will ensure that you are covered against this risk. 

Having home insurance in the Brooklyn, NY area continues to be very important. When you have this coverage, it can provide you with a lot of protection, including property and liability. As you are looking for a new policy, you should speak with the VAC Insurance Agency team. When you call the VAC Insurance Agency, you will get the support you need better to understand your needs and options for home insurance. 

Three common misconceptions about flood insurance in New York

Having your home protected against flood damage is essential. Severe flood damage can destroy a home. We provide flood insurance policies to Brooklyn, NY homeowners at VAC Insurance Agency.

The following are three common misconceptions about flood insurance in New York. 

New York homeowners don’t need flood insurance.

Many homes in New York are in areas that are high-risk for flood damage. It would be best if you didn’t assume that your home doesn’t need flood coverage because you are located in New York.

It’s important to look into whether your New York home is located in a flood zone. You might be surprised to find that the flood risk for your area is higher than you expected. 

A standard New York home insurance policy will cover flood damage.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners often make regarding flood coverage is assuming that their home insurance policy covers them for floods. In fact, most standard home insurance policies in New York and other states will not provide flood damage coverage.

To enjoy flood coverage in your home, you have to invest in a flood insurance policy. Don’t expect your home insurance policy to cover flood damage. 

I can’t get flood damage for my property if it has frequently experienced flood damage before. 

The National Flood Insurance Program helps ensure that flood insurance can be secured for all homes. This means that you can get flood coverage for your home, even if it is located in an area that has experienced repeated flooding in the recent past. 

Find the right flood insurance solution for your home in Brooklyn, NY. Contact us at VAC Insurance Agency with your questions about flood insurance policies.

Commercial Insurance Requirements in New York

Business owners in New York, as long as they have at least one part-time or full-time employee, are required to carry state minimum commercial insurance coverage. While having commercial insurance may result in an additional cost for the business owner, it’s a no brainer. Not only does commercial insurance provide coverage in the event of a disaster, but also it has auxiliary benefits that few think of, such as potentially improving your bank and supplier credit because you will be seen as a safer option to lend money too.

At the core, commercial insurance consists of two central tenets – workers’ compensation insurance and commercial auto insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance offers benefits to both you and your employees by providing monetary coverage – up to your policy limits – for workplace injuries and illnesses. Additionally, commercial auto insurance is required for any enterprise that has company-owned vehicles. If you require your employees to use their personal vehicles for company use, it is imperative to give serious thought to augmenting your commercial auto insurance policy with hired and non-hired insurance. 

In addition to workers’ compensation and commercial auto insurance, your business may also want to consider additional coverage depending on the type of work done. For instance, companies that store consumer data or have a heavy online presence may also want to purchase commercial cyber insurance, which helps pay for the monetary loss associated with a data breach or cyber attack.

At VAC Insurance Agency in Brooklyn, NY, our trained and professional agents will take the time to learn about your business so we can make personalized policy recommendations and develop a tailored policy that meets your needs. Give us a call today to schedule your no-obligation and complimentary insurance consultation. 

Insurance benefits of renovating your home

Home renovations are not only exciting to do, but also come with many advantages. Apart from improving your home’s appearance, they provide a more comfortable, secure, and efficient living environment for you and your family. To top that up, they can also lower your home insurance premiums. So, if you are planning to renovate your Brooklyn, NY home, inform your insurance prior. Let’s look at the general benefits of home renovations.

Improves the overall look of a home

The primary purpose of a renovation is to improve the look and longevity of a home. Many people in Brooklyn, NY tend to renovate the kitchen and bathroom while others prefer to go further and add a few rooms. Whatever you choose to add, the whole intention and purpose are to make your home better.

Increases the value of your home

When a home is in good condition, its value goes up. Similarly, your insurance rates are likely to go down as the chances of filing a claim are considered minimal. However, some additions improve the home but raise the rates. Additions such as a swimming pool or an office improve your home’s value but increase the insurance rates.

Some improvements make your home safer.

Getting rid of the old slippery tiles or covering those cracks on the patio not only makes your home safe for your children but also keeps insurance claims away. While some accidents are inevitable, adding safety features in your home significantly minimizes accidents hence a lower number of injuries and claims. If you have children or pets in your home, the VAC insurance Agency recommends speaking to a home insurance expert to help you identify some of the safety features you can add in your home to reduce accidents.

At VAC Insurance Agency, we understand that completing a home renovation is not always easy. That is why we are here to answer any questions that you may have. Try us today!

5 Important Facts You Should Know about Flood Insurance

If you own a home or business in Brooklyn, NY, you should know the facts about flood insurance. Flood disasters have only increased over the years in different parts of the country. Flood coverage from VAC Insurance Agency can make a difference between compensation for flood damage or total loss. Here are some important facts every homeowner should know about flood insurance.

FACT: Home insurance won’t protect you from flood damage.

Home insurance covers all types of disasters to include fire, theft, tropical storms, windstorms, lightning strikes, and tornadoes. It doesn’t, however, cover flooding from severe rainstorms, rising river waters, or tidal surges. If you want flood protection, you need to buy a separate flood policy.

FACT: Approximately a quarter of flood claims in the U.S. come from people who live in low risk or moderate-risk areas.

This puts just about anyone at risk of flood damage. Smart homeowners in Brooklyn, NY will be prepared with flood insurance.

FACT: Flood policies for your home and your belongings are purchased separately.

You can purchase home coverage for replacement cost with a limit of $250,000. Coverage for your belongings, however, is only available for actual cash value with maximum limits of $100,000.

FACT: Flood policies don’t start right away; you usually have to wait 30 days before coverage goes into effect.

That’s why it’s vital to purchase your policy in advance to ensure you have the protection you need when the time comes. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the danger of flooding.

FACT: Anyone can purchase flood insurance, not just homeowners.

If you own or rent a condo, townhouse, ground floor apartment, or mobile home, you can purchase flood coverage to protect your property and belongings.

To purchase flood insurance for your Brooklyn, NY abode, call or visit VAC Insurance Agency.

Protect Your Business with Commercial Insurance

Opening up your Brooklyn, NY based business is an exciting and scary time. Uncertainty, hope, and nervousness vie for supremacy in your thought process as you prepare to open your doors to the public. While natural, perhaps one of the best course of action, as an entrepreneur, is to ensure that you have commercial insurance that will help give you the peace of mind knowing that you have coverage against an array of potential liabilities. For detailed commercial insurance information regarding your Brooklyn business, you will want to sit down with an agent from VAC Insurance Agency to discuss your options.

Protect Your Business with Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance policies are designed to protect your business from the uncertainties of an uncertain world. Specifically, a commercial insurance policy underwritten by VAC Insurance Agency offers protection against a range of potential liabilities.

In general, commercial insurance will cover not only your business property such as cars, building, or equipment but also against business liability, as well as providing Workman’s Compensation should you or an employee suffer an injury.

The first step in getting the Brooklyn commercial insurance that you need is having a conversation with one of our knowledgeable and licensed team members here at VAC Insurance Agency. We understand that your business is unique, so there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all commercial insurance policy. Indeed, our goal is to learn as much about your business, so we can craft a commercial protection policy that you can rely on for your Brooklyn-based business.

Call Our Team at VAC Insurance Agency

When it comes time to shop around for your commercial insurance policy, we invite you to come to speak with us regarding your specific needs. Building a business can be scary, but getting commercial insurance in Brooklyn, NY shouldn’t be a harrowing experience.

What’s Inside a Typical Homeowner’s Policy?

Your mortgage company may require you to carry homeowners’ insurance, or you may elect to continue coverage after purchase. Maybe you just paid off your mortgage, and you’re riding the fence about renewing your policy. VAC Insurance Agency of Brooklyn, NY wants you to understand exactly what a standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers and why you need it.

Protecting Your Investment Four Ways

Your standard policy provides vital financial protection for your investment. The home policy protects you from physical property loss due to a named peril like fire or tornado, as well as from accidents such as a teenager who drives into the garage while the garage door remains closed. The policy also covers theft, so if a burglar breaks in and steals your big screen and stereo, the insurance pays for the replacement, plus the repairs for how the burglar broke into the home. The same standard policy provides liability protection. That means if your neighbor visits to watch a football game and falls down the front steps leaving to go home, the home policy pays for their medical bills. If they sue, it would also cover your attorney fees.

Named Perils

The standard homeowner’s policy covers the expense of repairing or rebuilding the home when it becomes damaged or destroyed by a named peril. That means a specific cause named in the policy. In a standard policy, a named peril refers to fire, hail, hurricane, lightning, or tornado, but not flood. The latter requires a standalone National Flood Insurance Program policy. Some states include earthquakes in the named perils, and others do not.

The other structures not attached to your home also receive coverage in the amount of 10 percent of the insured value of the house. Other structures refer to a garage, gazebo, shed, or workshop.
Talk to VAC Insurance Agency of Brooklyn, NY about the homeowner’s policy you need. You can include items like additional living expenses (ALE), so you can live in a hotel while the home receives repairs. You can also add extra liability coverage, helpful if you host a lot of parties or run a home business. Let’s discuss your needs, so your home investment remains protected.