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For years V.A.C. Insurance Agency has maintained the highest financial stability standard while serving its policyholders with the ultimate professionalism. We conduct a comprehensive, consultative, and unique approach to personal and commercial insurance. V.A.C. Insurance Agency has a team of experienced and professional insurance agents. We provide reliable services to our New York clients by continuously working to promote their insurance coverage while saving them cash.

Home Insurance

Most people are not aware of what their home insurance policies do or the company that insures them. We will help you understand the benefits of a policy and how it can guarantee the protection of your home and belongings.

Auto Insurance

As a vehicle owner in New York, the state law requires you to have auto insurance coverage. However, it is a daunting task to find the right policy that is ideal for you. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here for your needs and can help explain the policy further.

Other Insurance

We provide umbrella insurance that offers more than a simple policy. Though it often needs policyholders to uphold their underlying coverages, our umbrella insurance gives resident’s additional insurance protection such as increasing limits or extending coverages. Other insurance that we provide includes insurance policies for commercial insurance, life insurance, condo insurance, health insurance, and flood insurance. We invite you to pay us a visit in Brooklyn, NY and learn how we might assist you.

We are a local insurance agency, and we are always available for your questions, and anytime you want to review your policies. We are not tangled to represent the products of a single brand or company as independent insurance agents. We assess every available option for you to determine the best policy options available for your lifestyle.

Call one of our agents at V.A.C. Insurance Agency in Brooklyn, NY, and plan your free insurance review. Get in touch with our agents so we can help you with questions and policy quotes. Whether you require a single or several insurance policies, we are glad to assist you. We all deserve excellent results; we will ensure you get what you deserve.

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